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This medieval village overlooks the Adriatic Sea and is very picturesque. The scenery is ideal for a pleasant walk in the evening, during the hours for an aperitif. During the summer months, the village’s squares and streets come alive thanks to small fish restaurants, shops and markets.


The centre of the village offers fabulous panoramic views and the main square is the ideal place to spend pleasant summer evenings with music and other events. In Numana Bassa the beaches are specifically equipped to meet the needs of families, while Numana Alta is perfect for fans of unspoilt nature and beautiful scenery.


Its bay is considered to be one of the most spectacular seaside destinations on the Adriatic coast. The sea is well known for its unmistakable cobalt blue and turquoise colour reminiscent of a postcard. Among the monuments not to be missed: the Napoleonic Fort and the Church of Santa Maria.


For centuries it has been one of the most important pilgrimage destinations. Not to be missed is the Basilica of Santa Casa, one of the main Gothic-Renaissance monuments in Italy. Going up the Scala Santa, in addition to the Polish Cemetery, you can admire a magnificent view of the sea.


Among the distinctive features of the city the marina stands out as it was derived from an artificial lake connected to the sea. From its splendid seafront, you can access the equipped and free beaches, where even the youngest can swim safely enjoying the crystal-clear waters. Among the recommended attractions are the Church of San Francesco and the gorgeous Villa Buonaccorsi.


The city of miracles and saints as well as a renowned temple seat. Underneath, it hides a splendid mirror of itself, made up of tunnels and passages dug into the sandstone. For archaeology enthusiasts we suggest a visit to the Caves of the Canton and to the Caves of Piazza Dante.


A wonderful municipality in the Conero Park. From its surrounding countryside, many paths lead up to the Monte. In addition to offering the opportunity for long walks and wonderful routes by bike or on horseback, Camerano also hides a fascinating underground city that needs to be discovered.


The city is located in the charming hilly landscape of the Marche hinterland, famous for being the birthplace of Giacomo Leopardi. Among the main attractions, there is the Park of Villa Colloredo, the seat of the WWF, the Church of San Vito, and the beautiful Villa Colloredo Mels.


An ideal destination for those who want to enjoy a pleasant day at the sea, with beaches of fine gravel and crystal-clear waters. During the day, you can participate in sports such as fishing or cycling, and in the evening the seafront promenade and the main square become the perfect place for a coffee or ice cream in good company. Not to be missed are the Castello Svevo and the Abbey of Santa Maria in Potenza.


A city of art, history and culture, but there is also more than that. Perhaps not everyone knows about the charming views the city has to offer, from such locations as the beautiful Cardeto Park or the enchanting Cathedral of San Ciriaco. On Corso Garibaldi and in the adjacent areas there is no shortage of shopping opportunities. For art and culture aficionados, the churches of Santa Maria and Santissimo Sacramento are not to be missed.



A marvellously free and uncontaminated environment, ideal for those who wish to enjoy the sea and nature in complete tranquillity. The name derives from the long, dark rocks that can be seen on the seabed. It can be reached either on foot, or, in the summer months, by bus from Sirolo. In the off-season you can also reach it by car.


An enchanting place immersed in the greenery of Sirolo, reachable with vehicles that depart directly from the beach or along the trails that cross Monte Conero. This pebbled and sandy beach is recommended to those who wish to spend a quiet day at the seaside, diving into crystal-clear water and enjoying the sun. Walking north along the beach one can reach the beach of Sassi Neri.


A delightful corner of unspoilt and wild paradise, reachable in the summer by boat from the port of Numana. Once you reach the beach, you can only admire the fantastic white rocks with an overwhelming feeling of having arrived in a magical place where nature is at its absolute best.


It is probably the most famous beach in Sirolo, located at the foot of the town and easily accessible by car or on foot. It is mostly covered by bathing establishments but also offers short stretches of public beach. Very enchanting are its views of Mount Conero and for those who are adventurous it is possible to enter a wonderful natural cave.


An idyllic location a short distance from Numana characterized by a large pebble beach with a high seabed, ideal for families wishing to spend a relaxing holiday with every type of comfort. The promenade has a series of bathing establishments equipped with services of various kinds, from sport to refreshment.


A must for snorkelers and coves enthusiasts. Given the privacy and charm that emanates, this beach is also particularly recommended for couples looking for romantic moments to share in a magical location. It is easily reachable on foot from the adjacent beach of Numana Alta.


The ideal choice for those who want to spend a quiet day at the seaside a few steps from the historic city centre. Along the coast you can find beach establishments equipped with every comfort and restaurants. Accessible by both public transport and car, this wonderful seafront promenade offers the opportunity for carefree walks and fun biking.


A charming seaside destination recommended for all nature lovers, for walks in the countryside and for those who love peace and quiet. Completely devoid of bathing establishments, it has a comfortable bar/restaurant and offers a glimpse of rare beauty on to the slopes of Monte Conero. For all its visitors, trekking shoes and sportswear are highly recommended.


The name derives from a long natural rock that extends, for about a kilometre, into the sea and towards the horizon. On it, in the 50's, a permanent fishing station was built, called "Casotto Fattorini". Since there are no services or facilities for tourists, this stretch of coast allows its visitors to spend a day of relaxation by the sea. By walking along the shoreline, it is easily reachable from the beach of Mezzavalle.


Portonovo Bay, also known as the Green Bay, is immersed in the Conero Park and looks like a fantastic green-blue oasis. Anyone who wants to dive into crystal-clear water and enjoy truly beautiful landscapes will find this seaside town particularly fascinating.

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Discovered in 1971 within the Gorge from which they take their name, they present a wonderful underground world studded with stalactites and stalagmites.


Ancient defensive walkways and secret passages dug deep into the hill, all waiting to be discovered. A marvellous underground world of fascinating symbols and figures from the past, for a truly unique experience.


A large underground complex developed under the historical centre of the town. There are no reliable sources about its origin, which remains shrouded in mystery. The three roundabouts are among the many places worth visiting. Evidently, they were sites of ante litteram ("before the caption") meetings, in anticipation to later phenomenon.


If you don't suffer from vertigo and enjoy flying, you can have a go at motor hang gliding. Flying with your instructor from the foot of Monte Conero, down the Adriatic Coast, is particularly fun and fascinating. Obviously, this is only for those who love adventures at high altitudes!


Where a passion for animals becomes a festive occasion. Aside from organizing fun horseback riding excursions for beginners and experts, it is also possible to arrange trips featuring delicious rustic dinners with grilled meat cooked on a fire.


Sometimes it takes very little to live a dream. Just rent a Go-Kart and you can practically hear the Formula 1 all around you. Just a few kilometres from the campsite, there is a track where you can compete against your friends in exciting high-speed contests. Even the young can compete in Baby Go-Karts or spend hours of fun jumping on trampolines, skating or playing mini-golf.
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